Hi! I got a lot of feedback, so redesign of my redesign coming soon!

Hi! I'm dante_nl!

I am a teenage developer that enjoys coding A LOT! I would rather code one day than I would to do my favorite subject at school for a day (history). Ik ben geboren in Nederland, maar ik spreek Engels beter dan Nederlands (I am born in the Netherlands, but I speak English better than Dutch). I prefer the U.S. version of English, but sadly, the U.K. version is taught at my school, so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to understand, but most of the time it’s pretty easy to understand. I also learn French at school, but it’s not as simple as English sadly. I would rate it 1/10, I wouldn’t start it, but it can be nice tho if you are going to France, and it’s somewhat close to the Netherlands (theoretically we share a border on the island of Sint Maarten / Saint Martin, which is nowhere near the Netherlands), the only obstacle is Belgium, but there they also speak French. Anyways, I moved to #off-topic…

I really like Discord, so much that my default profile picture is Wumpus, one of Discord’s mascots. Because of that, the accent color on this website is blurple (#7289da). You can join my Discord via my sidebar on the right on your screen.

Socials and stuff

If you came here to know my socials, here you go, here are my 4 most important socials. My Discord account, Discord server, RoutineHub and Github.

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